As sole designer and jeweler at Beadmaiden, I welcome you.
My passion for "jeweling" began nearly two decades ago, inspired by the intricacies of beadwork and thriving on the endless possibilities it presents. I can remember early on viewing pieces of beadwoven jewelry and thinking I want to, no- I must learn to do this. I am a self taught artist, but learned the basics through teaching others the art of jewelry making in a bead shop I worked at while studying at Mass Art. Still, my calling wasn't truly answered until a trip to the Pacific coast, where I spent most days concerned with the tide schedule, collecting jade and abalone in gratitude and promptly weaving up treasures to be sold in cafes, on the street or in markets, anywhere, funding indefinite extensions to my time there. These early pieces I made were saturated with raw inspiration and the few that remain with me today are still vibrating in their "museum box" safely on display. I fondly recall this process as essentially the engine that launched my career as a jewelry designer. That a-ha moment one can only hope to experience as an artist was given to me right there, at the edge of the sea, where a beadmaiden I did become.
In the years since, I have traveled through many phases in my work. Off The Beaden Path became Varadian Beaded Couture and finally Beadmaiden has manifested itself. I made myself at home in the Northeast, the Pacific Northwest and Maui. Building upon a need to constantly grow as an artist and create a fresh and exciting collection of offerings, I am endlessly exploring new concepts. While ancient beadweaving methods are incorporated in my work, I have developed signature techniques that I consider exclusive to my design. As an aspiring perfectionist, the quest never quite resolves, but provides just the right amount of fuel needed to move forward as a designer. Inspiration in its many forms is never far from reach, in fact it can superabound, and sometimes knowing when to say when is necessary in that department.
It is my hope that the wearer of my jewels feels like they have a delicate expression of love on their body, where glorious elements from the earth and sea have been deservingly set in thoughtful and deliberate ways to enhance their natural radiance. The pieces should thus highlight the natural beauty already emanating from its owner, and create joy. Where this occurs, my job has been done.