Beadmaiden by Siran Varadian: Artfully designed jewelry unlike any other.

Siran Varadian is pleased to introduce you to her line of skillfully crafted artisan jewelry inspired by the earth and sea. Each piece is hand woven bead by bead to create a structural form, challenging the concept of normal metalsmithing and fiber arts. Beadweaving with precious metal and glass to shape bezels and bands for Beadmaiden's intricately designed rings, necklaces and art objects is executed with the utmost prowess and attention to detail. Hand selected gemstones are carefully chosen to become the centerpieces for highly unique adornments, infused with properties that can heal, inspire and ignite our sprituality. Each heirloom quality handcrafted piece of jewelry or art is designed to last a lifetime with proper care. Custom work is the heart of our business, whether it be an entire wedding party's jewelry or perhaps a meaningful ring to commemorate a special occasion. A Beadmaiden piece will enchant those who take notice and highlight the radiance of its wearer.

 Retailers, would you like to carry Beadmaiden's exclusive designs? Wholesale inquiries are welcome!


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